Toys and Collectibles Part 2

PRE-ORDER, Beats Me When It's Available. How sweet is this Gentle Giant bust of electrified Vader? What a great idea to recreate the moment Anakin Skywalker comes back to the light side... even if it does mean getting his ass shocked to hell. Beautifully executed. Light up skeleton is a nice touch.



Gentle Giant has this really cool maquette of the Inquisitor from Star Wars Rebels. I'm a big fan of the cartoon series and the Inquisitor was a big part of that. He's a great villain and looks pretty sharp, especially here.



Here is Gentle Giant's Con Exclusive bust of Pilot Luke Skywalker! Usually you can only get these things if you got Comic-Cons where Gentle Giant is set up (like SDCC), but it looks like they have a few left over and you can get yours without waiting in line with a bunch of other sweaty geeks.



Gentle Giant also has out this wonderfully detailed mini-bust of Boba Fett. Hand-painted, limited edition. Put this feared bounty hunter on your shelf!



Here's another Gentle Giant Comic-Con exclusive that you can actually buy without having to go all the way to San Diego! What you see there is a bust based on the original Ralph McQuarrie art from the first Star Wars. This was an early design for Han Solo (yeah, back when laser swords were all over the damn place... including in the hands of Stormtroopers!). Very geeky, very cool!



This one's obviously a nice Gentle Giant mini-bust for Netflix's Daredevil. He's got his billy clubs and nifty suit. Like everything GG piece this one is hand-painted and numbered in a limited edition.



Deadpool + Caesar? A++++! The only way that could be more Deadpool-y is if Bea Arthur and Chimichangas were engraved on his chest piece.



One of my favorite new Weta pieces is this great statue of a Moria Orc from The Fellowship of the Ring. Great design, great detail and really makes me want to throw in Fellowship and revisit the Mines of Moria...



The first hint at a larger universe at play in Ridley Scott's original Alien movie was this dude. The Space Jockey ended up being explained in Prometheus, but for decades it was a giant question for fans. It's still a great design and now you can put this little statue up in your home to remind you of the good ol' days before every little detail was explained in every successful film.



This is Chucky and he's your friend to the end. Hidy Ho! Mezco made this screen-accurate Good Guy Doll reproduction that even has four of the Good Guy catch phrases programmed into it. It's creepy in that we know this one might be possessed by the spirit of a serial killer, but all outward appearances are just the friendly Good Guy Doll that was so popular that Christmas season!



MechaGodzilla! It actually does break down into three vehicles that, when put together, form the highly detailed MechaGodzilla.



Bandai made this nearly 7” highly detailed Godzilla based off of illustrations of Noriyoshi Orai. Lots of detail, highly posable and based off the Godzilla design of Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla II.



Darth Vader as a Samurai warrior! Considering how deeply rooted Star Wars is in Akira Kurosawa's samurai epics it's fitting that we'd get this kind of design out in the geek world.



Play Arts do these really articulated figures and here is Deadpool in his black and white X-Factor costume (with the creepy red eyes!). These guys come with tons of different hands and accessories so they're the most customizable things ever.



This Entertainment Earth Exclusive Space Ghost figure has a bunch of stuff, including Force Ray, Freeze Ray, Destroyer Ray, Magna Ray and Blip the Monkey! Of course it all glows in the dark.



The Blood Oath Marker played a big part in John Wick 2 and was a crazy fun addition to the assassin mythology built by those films. Now you can get an exact replica of it and force your friends to swear by it. It's binding, so don't go too crazy or Ian McShane gonna come wreck your shit.



Why is there a weird Shakespeare bust in this Guide, you may be asking yourself. It's not just any Shakespeare bust, but a replica of the one from the 1966 Batman TV show. Yes, his head pushes back revealing the red button on his neck as well as a coin slot since he also doubles as a bank.



Who doesn't want a Stephen Colbert bust in their humble abode? Liberals want to make an altar with it, conservatives would want to paint it up all silly and write “stoopid” on the forehead or something. This halfscale bust is made by FreakShop Gallery and ranges in price depending on color of the bust. The flat white pictured above is $200 and you can also get it a bronze paint layer added for a little extra.




For The Super Rich Only ($250.00 and up)



Nothing is fucked here! You can keep your chill constantly with this half-scale bust. If it were me I'd put him amongst my liquor cabinet so he can watch over all the White Russians. Far out! Price ranges depending on the paint job, just like the Colbert bust above. Flat white is cheapest and you can get shades of bronze for a little more money.



Chronicle Collectibles has this marvelous King Conan statue, as promised at the end of Conan the Barbarian. This thing is a quarter scale and limited to only 300 pieces. It stands 16” tall (21” with the spear), 15” wide and 12” deep. In short this is a pretty massive piece. Crom would approve and if wouldn't then to hell with him!



ThreeZero's T-60 Power Armor isn't new this year, but it's so damn beautiful I had to include it. I told you earlier I'm a big dork for anything Fallout, so you shoulda figured this was coming. It stands over 14” and is incredibly detailed and articulated, down to moveable fingers! Make sure to carry a few extra power cores for this bad boy!



PRE-ORDER, Q1 2018. Here's another Mondo statue, this time of the classic Harley Quinn as drawn by Matt Taylor for one of Mondo's vinyl covers. Mistah J will love it!



Keeping in the DC trend, here's a great statue made from one of Mondo's posters, this one being Francesco Francavilla's print celebrating Batman: Red Rain in which Bats goes up against vampires and, yes, ends up turning into one himself.



PRE-ORDER, April-June 2018. This Thor: Ragnarok Hot Toys figure is jaw-dropping. Here is Thor in his battle arena mode, complete with all his armor and weapons (yes, even the helmet that is knocked off way too early). He's also designed to be completely in scale with his friend from work...



PRE-ORDER, April-June 2018. Yeah, so Gladiator Hulk is substantially more expensive than his Ragnarok buddy, Thor, but he's also way bigger. You know, because he's the Hulk.



PRE-ORDER, July-September 2018. Yondu became an instant fan favorite MCU character this year with his memorable and emotional turn in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. This Hot Toys Sixth Scale figure is just as beautifully executed as you'd expect from Hot Toys. I especially like how they incorporate the flying arrow. Baby Groot (and his cage) come with this figure as well.




PRE-ORDER, July-September 2018. I'm quite taken with the new Spider-Man. I think Tom Holland is doing a bang-up job as Peter Parker and the movie was super solid around him. Now you can have little Sixth Scale Tom Holland to have for your very own, courtesy of Hot Toys. I particularly like the ability to change Spidey's eye shape.



PRE-ORDER, April-June 2018. You may want to hold off on ordering this one... I think the suit looks cool, but considering how Justice League opened with a thud I don't expect these to fly off the shelves upon release, so you could probably get this Tactical Suit Batman at discount after it comes out. Or maybe all the DCEU fans will swoop in and buy 'em all. Who knows, but no matter what I might think of the movie I still like Batfleck and Hot Toys once again did a great job on the detail.



I'm no fan of Batman V. Superman, but I know there are a lot of people who dig on Zack Snyder's DCEU films, so I won't leave you guys out in the cold. I included the Justice League Batman, but that's a pre-order. This one's actually available right now. It's the battle damaged armored version of the Batman character from BvS complete with his Kryptonite-tipped spear. No Martha voice chip, though. Sorry, low blow. Sorry, sorry.



PRE-ORDER, April-June 2018. Got. Damn. Look at this thing! Hot Toys is always amazing at recreating likenesses, but they've done more than that here. I think they resurrected Heath Ledger. Some of that could be attributed to the fact that this is a quarter scale figure, not the usual sixth scale. It's bigger, so they have a little room for even more detail. This Joker is almost 19” tall and comes with a crazy amount of accessories. Coat on or off, your choice. It comes with his bank robbery mask, grenades, guns, knives and, yes, his pencil. This is so badass.



PRE-ORDER, April-June 2018. The Joker's not the only one getting a quarter scale upgrade from Hot Toys. Batman's getting his too. This one's Christian Bale's Batman Begins outfit (with limited head turning ability) and once again the detail is off the charts.



PRE-ORDER, January-March 2018. It's not super popular to like Johnny Depp these days (and for good reason), but I must admit I still smile a little when I see his Captain Jack Sparrow and I figure someone out there might be interested in this Hot Toys sixth scale figure.



PRE-ORDER, July-September 2018. You get two Hot Toys in this set that brings you both A New Hope Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin in sixth scale form. Tarkin comes with his sweet-ass chair, Vader has an LED light up saber and even comes with the interrogation droid.



In other sixth scale two-pack news here's two Tyler Durdens bundled together! I am Jack's seething jealousy of anybody who picks this up.



PRE-ORDER, February-March 2018. Holy shit, what a thing of beauty. Disturbing beauty, but beatuy nonetheless. Based on the original HR Giger Alien design, this premium edition statue stands over 21” tall.



Horror premium statue awesomeness is still rolling in! This one is, obviously, Leatherface and he's doing his thing, captured in motion while swinging his chainsaw around. Bubba stands a whopping 29” tall from base to chainsaw tip. That's a lot of inbred redneck cannibal wearing someone else's face.



PRE-ORDER, May-July 2018. Any size Christopher Lee is going to be awesome, but the bigger you get the better it's going to be simply because of the scientific rule that the more Christopher Lee there is the better the world is. This quarter scale celebrates Lee's Dracula, specifically from Scars of Dracula. The statue stands over 20”.



Back in the early versions of the very first Star Wars the Jedi weren't the only ones who wielded laser swords. Stormtroopers did, too, for a little bit at least. This Premium Sideshow statue takes that concept art and brings it to life. This could have very easily been what Stormtroopers looked like! Limited to only 1500 in the world and almost sold out!



Look at the big, ugly bastard! Still pretty cool to get a Dark Knight Returns statue, especially one as giant as this thing. 33” tall and based on Frank Miller's popular dark dark dark re-visualization of one of the most iconic heroes of all time.



In the books we did get Jane Foster as Thor for a bit and this Premium Format Statue from Sideshow celebrates that Thor with this epic piece that's so popular there's only a waitlist left, but if it was completely sold out they'd list it that way, so there's still a chance!



Dark Phoenix was one of the early stories to really pull me into comics, so of course my eye was drawn to this epic Premium Format Statue from Sideshow showcasing Jean Grey in all her Dark Phoenix glory! 22” tall, weighing 14lbs.



This Sideshow Premium Edition Statue depicts Loki from the MCU, as played the super duper handsome Tom Hiddleston. I actually like this cinematic version of the character more than the comics (put that rotten fruit down, fellow comic fans!). Dig that this thing exists and I'm sure he'll find a nice home with one of Mr. Hiddleston's many, many, many female fans... or male fans for that matter.



This is another cool one. Not exactly the MCU Rocket, but not really the comic book one, either. I like this meet-in-the-middle design. Makes him look a little more demonic and little less like a cute trash panda.



Hey, this can actually happen now! Comic die hards will know that Wolverine was first introduced fighting The Hulk and now with the Fox/Disney merger this scene could feasibly play out in the near-ish future! This statue is a work of geeky art. It's massive, weighing almost 50lbs. No shit! That's like, a small child, or something.



PRE-ORDER, February 2018. Here's one for the Walking Dead comic fans. I guess fans of the TV show can like this, too. Ain't no law against it, but this one is done in the style of the comic and shows Ezekiel and Shiva wrecking some zombies. On pre-order, but limited to only 1000 pieces worldwide, so go ahead and reserver it if you must have a zombie-eating tiger in your collection.



PRE-ORDER, February 2018. This is the dude that messed up and made all the Lord of the Rings stuff happen. Isildur kinda by accident cut the One Ring off of Sauron's finger and then refused to throw it into Mt. Doom, thus opening the door to Sauron's return. Thanks, Isildur! Weta's statue is great and just looking at that armor makes me want to rewatch the trilogy.



Limited to only 750, this Mouth of Sauron statue from Weta is super duper cool. Remember, this creepy dude wasn't in the theatrical cut of Return of the King, but was one of the highlights of the Extended Edition. Played by Road Warrior's Bruce Spence, the design of this herald of Sauron is one of my favorites from the LOTR trilogy and damn if this statue doesn't do him justice.



Dead or alive, this quarter scale statue is coming with me. No seriously, I'm gonna steal this. Can't complain now, I gave you fair warning. Pop Culture Shock released this statue, which stands 22” tall and if you don't buy it for me there will be... trouble.



PRE-ORDER, Q1 2018. Gordon's alive! Chronicle Collectibles is putting out this absolutely awesome looking War Rocket based on the cult classic 1980 film adaptation of Flash Gordon. This beautifully detailed piece is a whopping 31” long, 17” tall and 13” wide, meaning it'll be the centerpiece to just about any collection. They're only making 100 of these, though, so if you got deep pockets hurry up and nab this.



What you see here is a plastic model kit of the Millennium Falcon. It's not the first, it won't be the last, but it is highly, highly detailed, put out by Bandai. This Falcon is 1/72 scale based on the original size and dimensions of the original A New Hope Falcon model. LED lights included as well as seated Han, Leia, Luke, Chewy, Obi-Wan and 3PO mini-figures to really complete this OT masterpiece.



PRE-ORDER, Q1 2018. The original prop helmet used in The Last Jedi was scanned for precise recreation and this is the result, courtesy of ANOVOS. The black stripe indicates this is a First Order Executioner (the ones with the super cool laser axes). Can be used for cosplay or to mount on a spike in front of your house to act as a warning to any stormtroopers who might try to break in. I like that they legally have to say this helmet “does not offer protection” in bold on the sales page, by the way. That tickled me, I must admit.



Based on the “stealth” design used in Captain America: Winter Soldier this replica shield is the next best thing to owning the original. Made of metal and fiberglass, with real leather straps, this screen-accurate shield was made from the original molds. Won't get any closer to authentic without raiding Marvel Studios' warehouse.



If you want to spend a month's rent on a single statue then this is probably the statue for you. Don't you want a life-sized Deadpool bust where the Merc with the Mouth is shooting a glorious “WTF?!?” face? Take selfies with him, confide all your deepest, darkest secrets... hell, maybe even use him as your own in-house confessional. He's already got the right look on his face for all your dirty little sin secrets.



No, you don't get the random white guy with this order (although for the price it wouldn't be bad for them to throw in at least a lawn raking or something), but I had to use this picture to give this Legendary Scale C-3PO some scale. That thing is massive! Eyes light up, the restraining bolt is magnetic and removable and it comes with a sturdy base to hold this massive, 27lb almost 40” tall statue of 3PO from A New Hope. Brace yourself... this is a giant, badass statue from Sideshow, but it's also the price of a down payment on a new car...




PRE-ORDER, Q3 2018. Jurassic Park was a big movie for me. I saw it opening weekend when I was 12 years old and it flat out bowled me over. I saw the future of cinema change right before my eyes. And yes, I wanted to go to Jurassic Park. I'd totally be down for that to be a real place, dangers and all. Since that (probably) won't happen, this is the next best thing. From Chronicle Collectibles this is a 1:5 scale T-Rex. That's very, very big. The Rex is 7 feet long, 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide and modeled directly off of the original maquette used during the making of Jurassic Park to show Steven Spielberg just what the full sized dinosaur would look like. So, so, so cool!