Toys and Collectibles Part 1

Welcome to the final section of the 2017 Holiday Gift Guide, covering Toys and Collectibles! You'll find everything from $6 Funko Pops to $4,000 limited edition giant statues here.

Of all the sections of the Gift Guide this one has the most Pre-Order Items. Sadly that's just the way things work with collectibles these days. If you don't pre-order them you stand a good chance of not getting any because they sell out before release.

I made sure to include as many cool statues, Sixth Scale figures and toys that you could buy right this very second and, hopefully, still get in time for Christmas as I could find, but just a heads up that there are going to be a lot of pre-orders here. 

In my experience, though, printing out a pre-order receipt and gifting that over Christmas is almost as exciting as having the finished item. I went in with a group of friends to buy a buddy the crazy giant Hot Toys Delorean replica a few years back and he lost his shit just as big as if he actually unwrapped it right there on the spot.

Anyway, tons of items here. Enjoy! 


Cheap ($24.99 and under)


That magnificent creature you see above you right there is, of course, a Porg, but it's a Build-A-Bear Porg, which makes it even more cute and cuddly.



Fraggle Rock was a big, big deal for me as a kid. Catchy theme song aside, the characters really spoke to me. Not literally, I'm not that crazy, but I related to Red and Bogo and Uncle Matt. So of course these adorable little plushes of Bogo and Red caught my eye.

$12.99 each


PRE-ORDER: Q1 2018. Dart kinda stole Season 2 of Stranger Things. Well, it was either Dart or the revelation of Steve's hairstyling routine. Either way, we all love Dart, the cute little tadpole that grows into a DemoDog, so it's a safe to assume everybody on God's green Earth would like to have this cuddly plush Dart Nesting Doll. That's right. Nesting Doll. Each stage of Dart's life-cycle is represented and fits comfortably into the bigger evolution.



Say you want action figures of Eleven, Lucas and Mike, but don't want to buy them separately. Well, look no further than this little three pack that includes all three characters in their Season One form and, of course, a box of Eggos. Toy Eggos. Don't eat them. You'll regret it, I promise.



You may hate the game because it's so goddamn hard, but nobody can hate the design of Cuphead. It's such a beautiful throwback to the golden age of weird-ass animation and I had to make sure one of Funko's figures got featured. So, here's the Cuphead Devil for you satanic cartoon game loving nerds.



Funko puts out so many Pop Vinyls every year I could probably make a section of this guide that is just Pops, but I'm going to show a tiny amount of restraint and limit myself this year. I had to include this one because a Glow-In-The-Dark Tron is just too damn cool for school. He fights for the users and will look mighty sharp on your nerd shelf or geeky office desk.



PRE-ORDER: January 19th, 2018. Pickle Rick is one of the stand out pop culture images of 2017. Yeah, I think it's crazy, too, but it's undeniable. Having a likely 1:1 scale Pickle Rick, complete with rat parts, on your desk sounds like a winner to me.



Here's a replica of Rick's portal gun that lights up?!? Yes, please. I can't imagine it opens up actual portals to other dimensions, but if it does I definitely want to check out the ass planet. Just keep me away from the Cronenberg dimension. Nobody wants to mess with that fucked up timeline.



Nobody tell my 10 year old nephew that I got him Mr. Poppybutthole and a Meeseeks from this line for Christmas, okay? I maybe also got one of each for Uncle Eric, too, but don't tell him that, either. These 5” figures are boarded, like classic action figures, and I can't believe they exist. What a wonderful world we live in.

$11.99 ea




I'm bringing this one back after a couple years because I figure there's probably a whole new audience for this Gift Guide now that it's at Rooster Teeth and they need to know this exists. Brandon Bird created this Nicolas Cage Adventure Set that lets you put different eras of Nic Cage against different backgrounds. When I was growing up I had boring He-Man and Ninja Turtles versions of this. Today's kids are so lucky.



You know in every movie ever made how zany characters or crazy taxi cab drivers have those crazy wobbly hula girl figures on their dashboards? This is one of those except it leans into the kitsch factor and goes the extra mile by making it a Harley Quinn hula girl that can wobble on your dash as you drive like a maniac through your home town and/or city.



We got plenty of Star Wars action figures later on, but I wanted to make sure this 40th Anniversary Darth Vader made it onto the list, too, mostly because I dig the nostalgic look of the packaging. The toy itself is better than most of the original Star Wars figures in terms of sculpt (plus this one is 6” tall, not 3¾ which is nice), but the packaging and logos and type are all throwbacks, which puts a smile on my old, old face.



I'm old enough to remember when McFarlane revolutionized the action figure game with their highly detailed sculpts of horror characters. We'd never had anything like that before and now just about every horror icon you could want, in any iteration, is available. This here is Neca's fancy Friday the 13th Part VI Jason (one of the most iconic versions of the character) in a Deluxe, highly articulating 7” tall action figure. Mask is removable so you can see his ugly, rotting mug! Merry Christmas!



Most stockings are missing one very important gift every holiday season: a Gremlin with an uzi. That, my friends, is Mohawk from Gremlins 2 (a very underrated sequel, by the way, but that's a discussion for another day) done up in a 6” deluxe form by Neca.



I love this. It's a mini-egg carton... with Alien Eggs in it! And they glow in the dark! Three have hatched and have mini-facehuggers you can arrange any way you want which leaves three complete eggs. Good news is they are hormone-free and totally organic. Bad news is they gonna impregnate you in the chest cavity region.





Moderate ($25.00-$70.99)



Neca put out a special figure in their Aliens line. Above you see director James Cameron as if he was a space marine fighting with his pulse rifle, a director's viewfinder and an Aliens production slate. I don't know exactly how well those last two items will help him in combat, but still cool to see 1980s James Cameron as a toy! This one is sold out, but you can still pick it up on eBay for not a ridiculous upcharge.




I loved Blade Runner 2049 and think it's the rare sequel that actually improves on the one before it. This is a die-cast metal replica of one of the new Spinners in the movie. It measures 6” long and can even roll across a flat surface... No hovering or flying yet, but I'm sure we'll get that toy in the next few years.



It's not too late to get the 2017 Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar! Each day leading up to Christmas you get a new Lego mini-build or mini-fig, ranging from the Millennium Falcon to BB-8 with a Santa hat!



While not as furry and soft as the build-a-bear version listed above, this plush Porg is considerably bigger, coming in at 16”, which puts it in the range of a medium-small dog size. So, if you don't want to clean up dog poop and pay for vet visits, maybe this can be your new best friend, eh?



Well, I'll be damned. We finally have a massive cuddly Big Daddy plush. I adore Bioshock on a story and design level and would proudly have this big comfy bad boy in my home. If you have any little sisters around, though, I don't recommend inviting Big Daddy in as he will likely bond with them and murder everybody else in the house with his soft, squishy drill arm.


There are a lot of plushes on the list this year. I guess 2017 is the year of the plush! That's much nicer than acknowledging the shit-show 2017 has been for most of the world. Plushes all around! They have a Godzilla plush out, y'all. And he vibrates when you hug him. Get your minds out of the gutters, people.



Finally we have a Slimer HugMe plush. He is very friendly, but will eat all the hot dogs out of your hot dog cart. Hipster Jesus not included.



Kratos lost his axe, but we found it and you can buy it and murder the shit out of some ancient mythological monsters... as long as they're made out of foam, too. This 1:1 replica of Kratos' axe from God of War 4 looks sharp, but is made of foam so hack away at your younger siblings all you want.



Mondo's been dipping their toes into the toys/collectibles world for a while now and they went and turned Mike Mitchell's Rocket and Groot print into a nifty 9” tall vinyl figure. Like most Mondo things if you want it buy it while you can!



Jam out to some golden oldies with Star-Lord's walkman! So, this doesn't actually play any cassettes, but you can connect your MP3 device to it and use it that way. It's also a voice recorder, which reminds me of the Home Alone 2 voice recorder thing they marketed when I was but a wee lad. Yeah, that thing in the movie they actually released and it was awwwweeesome! Cheap and plasticy, but awesome.



Awwww, all Thanos wanted was his balloon! Gentle Giant has this super cute animated Thanos statue in stock right now!



The good folks at Weta have a bunch of cool spin-off products based on the movies they actually helped create and this little toon-ish Gollum is one of the more affordable and adorable (adoraffordable?) ones on offer. They call this line “Mini Epics”. Think of them as more detailed and less generic Pop Vinyls, precious.



Aw, Zero! Jack Skellington's trusty companion gets his due with this rather sweet-looking diorama put out by Diamond-Select Toys. Looks just like the puppet from the movie!



I love ArtFX figures. They have all the detail of their pricier competition but at half the cost. Case in point is this Venom statue. It looks great and they went the extra mile and implanted magnets in his feet, which allows you to stick him to any metal surface. Badass!



PRE-ORDER: January 1st. This Black Panther Marvel Legends figure is really damn cool. T'challa stands 12” tall and has a lot of customization options. Helmet on or off? Scratchy claw hands or weapon-holding grip? Choose how you want to display this dude.



I don't know why you'd want a 10” Negan in your house... even at that small scale he'll probably take everything over and start forcing you to live on rations and do daily chores for him. Lucille isn't quite as intimidating in that scale, but I'm sure even a tiny barb wire-wrapped baseball bat isn't gonna feel good.



It's not Christmastime until you get some Christmas Story into your life, so how about Ralphie with his trusty Red Ryder BB rifle with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time under your tree?



The Old Man from A Christmas Story is sold out in a lot of places, so you're gonna pay a little more for him, but he's worth it! He even comes with his major award! I never thought I'd see a scowling Darren McGavin action figure, but here he is! Sonsabitches! Bumpasses!



Lots of detail in this statue depicting Rick and Morty on one of their crazy adventures! It's fun to imagine what fresh hell they're escaping from, but I'd wager it's probably 2017 USA.



These action figures have 25 points of articulation, which means you can put Ripley and her adopted daughter Newt in just about scene recreation from Aliens that you want. I'm partial to the “surrounded by eggs oh shit is that a giant Alien Queen?!?” moment myself.



The Star Wars Black Series outdid themselves with this deluxe Snoke in the Throne Room figure. Sculpt is top notch, his gold robe thing is just as sparkly as it needs to be and it looks great either sitting down or standing up. Very impressed with this one.



So this company took it upon themselves to create Star Wars backdrops for your toys. We're not talking cheap printouts or anything, we're talking real deal detailed plastic designed to recreate iconic Star Wars backgrounds in scale with either your 3¾ inch figures or your 6 inch figures. They're a little pricey, ranging from $40-$150 depending on the size and how many pieces you want to complete your diorama! Super cool!






Expensive ($71.00-$249.99)





This two foot tall puppet of Stripe from Gremlins is pretty legit and maybe just a teensy-weensy bit creepy. But all the coolest things are a teensy-weensy bit creepy, no?



Are you Groot? You are not Groot. Nor is Scott Baio Groot. This... this is Groot. At least a nice reproduction of the cute little bugger. Here you have a 1:1 scale Guardians Vol. 2 Groot (seems a little bigger than in the movie, no?) made out of foam (not trees because that'd be a bit cruel, don't you think?). This dude stands 30” tall and has been sculpted using the exact same digital files that created the movie version you love so much, so all the detail should be screen-accurate.



Now that's a big frickin' hammer. It'd certainly be a conversation starter if you had this bad boy in the corner of your apartment, but you might need to take down a wall just to get it into your place! This Neca creation is made of foam and stands 4 foot tall. How great would it be if this ended up as Thor's Mjolnir replacement? Did you like the last one? How about one four times as big! I'd kill to see Chris Hemsworth try to swing this fucker around.



Mondo decided to recreate an '80s staple: Madballs. These things were little monster heads and boy did kids love 'em back in the day. You had to be there, I guess, but trust me when I say these things were the shit. The old ones were bright and colorful, these variants actually glow in the dark, which is much cooler.

$80.00 for the set of three.


I just think it's awesome that there's a Sixth Scale figure of Alfred Hitchcock out there. Mondo did a great job with the sculpt. The clothes look a little funky, but I'll give that a pass since they give us such cool accessories as Hitch's director's chair, a slate and one of the stars of The Birds.



Another “I can't believe they made a statue out of this” creation from Mondo and Unbox, this time celebrating Alejandro Jodorowsky's trippy western El Topo. I can't imagine many RT readers have seen this one, but trust me... it's weird. Jodorowsky himself stars, playing a legendary gunslinger on a path to enlightenment via '70s drug weirdness. A hippy western that was a hard-to-find cult classic for many, many years and now there's a statue for it. Don't that beat all?



PRE-ORDER, Q1 2018. Yay, Spider-Gwen! I love it when Mondo does figures based on prints from their artists and this one is based off of a Phantom City Creative print. You get two options for her outreached hand: the selfie one pictured above and a web-shooting hand if you don't want a Millennial statue in your abode.



Here you have Leonardo done in the original comic book style in one sixth scale! Wait, you say. That can't be the original comic book version because all the comic book turtles had red bandanas and the different colors came into effect with the kid's cartoon. Calm down, my friends. The folks at Mondo know this and as such this Leo comes with interchangeable heads, one with the red bandana and one with his more iconic blue one. Pick your poison! He also comes with pre-mutation Splinter, a little pre-mutation turtle version of himself and throwing stars. Limited edition of 500!



It's another year with another Star Wars so that means... new Lego sets! This is the First Order Heavy Assault Walker. You get this big boy that has almost 1400 pieces to build and comes with minifigs of Poe, Rey, a Resistance trooper, a First Order Walker Driver and a Stormtrooper.



Why search for the Star Wars Black Series figures one by one when you can buy them by the entire wave at once? This set includes the Black Series figures for Jedi Master Luke, Jedi Training Rey, Ep VIII Kylo Ren, OT Stormtrooper, Darth Vader himself, Grand Admiral Thrawn and Hera Syndulla. This represents the complete Wave 23 of Black Series Star Wars figures.



Wave 24 of the Star Wars Black Series gives you 8 figures consisting of a Snowtrooper, AT-AT driver, Maz Kanata, Ep. VII General Leia, First Order Disguised Finn, Captain Poe Dameron (Ep VIII), Kylo Ren (again), and an Elite Praetorian Guard.



Sphero did that crazy remote controlled BB-8 that came out around the release of The Force Awakens and they're back with his evil counterpart, affectionately called BB-hate (real name BB-9e). This shiny First Order droid could really make sure no rebel scum breaks into your house undetected.



PRE-ORDER, April-June 2018. Now we're getting into some Hot Toys. These finely detailed creations are always in demand so a great many of them will be pre-orders because that's the only way to guarantee you'll get one. I did make sure to include some currently available as X-Mas present possibilities. This one's a pre-order, but you get two for the price of one usual Hot Toy! Here are Sixth Scale BB droids (our lovable 8 and the dastardly 9e). The heads attach via magnets and light up and yes, a Mouse droid comes with. Pretty neat!



PRE-ORDER, July-September 2018. I know it's a long ways away, but this Hot Toys Episode VIII Rey is awesome looking. She comes with the blue lightsaber (lights up), her staff, the pistol Han gave her in VII and, yes, Porgs! Plural! Two Porgs, people!



PRE-ORDER, July-September 2018. Hot Toys' Episode VIII Kylo Ren, complete with his helmet, light up saber and a custom character stand for him. No word on if you can take off his shirt and see that nasty scar swirl down to his pecs like in the movie.



Phasma is available right now! You can get her in time for Christmas, too! Yes, this is Episode VII Phasma, but pretty much the only difference between VII and VIII is that she'd have that brutal looking staff thing.



Also shipping right now is this Episode VIII Executioner First Order Stormtrooper, complete with his electric axe. He also has a blaster if you want him to be more in a shooty mood than a head-chopper-offer mood.



Han in Stormtrooper disguise! Yes! This Hot Toys Sixth Scale figure is also available right now and boy do I love this sculpt. They really capture 1977 Harrison Ford's swagger, don't they? Love the detail inside the Stormtrooper's helmet, too.



Hot Toys in the bounty hunter game with Bossk, the badass lizard dude introduced in The Empire Strikes Back. No hissing, but he does still look super menacing! They're running low on stock of this one, so act fast if you want him!



PRE-ORDER: April-June 2018. Now this is pretty cool. Hot Toys usually focuses on detailed Sixth Scale figures as we most recognize them, but here they're doing up a realistic Boba Fett done as he was first introduced: as a cartoon. He's got the cartoon colors from the Star Wars Holiday Special (and his weird fork gun thing). Very niche and geeky, but super cool.



Hot Toys' Empire Strikes Back Yoda is beautiful. I love that his base comes with floating rocks (even more relevant after the events of The Last Jedi). A Sixth Scale Yoda is gonna be smaller than your average Hot Toys figure ('cause he's a little guy), but they make up for it with a cool Dagobah base for him to sit on!



PRE-ORDER, January-March 2018. How amazing does this sculpt look? Hot Toys really knocked it out of the park with this Empire Strikes Back Leia. Simply an amazing job that is a little bittersweet since Carrie Fisher's gone now. We miss ya', Princess!



PRE-ORDER, June-August 2018. Ah, noble Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker from Return of the Jedi. Once again another bang-up job from the folks at Hot Toys. This is so lifelike it's bordering on creepy. I particularly like that it comes with his blaster-damaged robot hand!



PRE-ORDER, December-January 2017/2018. Hot Toys' lifesized Baby Groot that comes with a bunch of accessories, including his Ravagers jumpsuit, three interchangeable faces and more viney attack hands.



Not to leave DC fans out in the cold, one really cool DCEU Hot Toys figure you can get right this very second is this Suicide Squad Harley Quinn. Love or hate the movie, Margot Robbie killed it with her turn as Harley Quinn and she wasn't let down by the Hot Toys artists. This figure is spot on!



PRE-ORDER, January-February 2018. Hot Toys did a Jared Leto Joker as well. We'll ignore that one and jump to this really cool Joker figure based on the Arkham games instead. I love it when they turn their talented artists to more challenging characters like this. It's not like they're trying to make an already existing person look real in small form. This Joker never existed outside of a video game! And he looks great!



PRE-ORDER, January-February 2018. Great Scott! Here you have Hot Toys' Back to the Future II Doc Brown (after his rejuvenating face peel, of course) complete with his transparent tie and bright yellow coat! Lots of little bonuses here, including his little case filled with different kinds of money, that little knockout eye-scanning thing, his silver shades and the newspaper that has Marty's kid being arrested.



PRE-ORDER, sometime this month. Doc's not the only one to get a BTTF II Hot Toys figure. Marty's in it to win it, too, complete with that goofy 2015 rainbow hat, his self-lacing Nikes and the hoverboard.



This is Hot Toys' take on Ellen Ripley from the very first Alien. She comes with the thrown-together flamethrower and even Jonesy, who can be either in or out of his space pet-carrier crate thing.



Not a Hot Toys, but this is a Sixth Scale figure created by Sideshow. This is Freddy in his Dream Warriors mode (aka the best Nightmare on Elm Street sequel). Some day they'll get to the Freddy's Dead version, which would only be awesome because they could have his Power Glove joke as an accessory.



PRE-ORDER, April-June 2018. Threezero has this Sixth Scale Leatherface in the works. Figured I couldn't include Freddy and ignore poor Bubba here. Leatherface comes with blood-spattered apron, meat hook, mallet and, of course, his trusty chainsaw.



This Sixth Scale Wolverine (in his brown and tan comic outfit) is put out by Sideshow and has everybody's favorite X-character looking like he's ready to unleash some berzerker rage. Sideshow even has a $25 off coupon code for this figure on the page, so it's even cheaper than the price listed below.



Everybody's favorite Next Gen Captain is available in this Sixth Scale beauty put out by Quantum Mechanics. It comes with a phaser, PADD, a tricorder and, yes, a cup of hot Earl Grey Tea. If you want Jean-Luc you better hurry and make it so because he's low in stock!



This Sixth Scale Dumbledore is pretty sweet and on sale. His podium lights up and he comes with the Sword of Gryffindor. The likeness is, of course, Michael Gambon and is fashioned after his look in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.



Here you have a resin replica of the Rocky statue erected in Philadelphia to celebrate the iconic films and what they mean to the city (how many people run up those steps and pump their arms in the air every day? Lots, prolly.). You don't have to travel to Philly (especially now that it's getting cold as shit) to celebrate the Italian Stallion. You can get this 12” tall resin statue instead!