Welcome to the Art Section of the 2017 Holiday Gift Guide. This is always a trick section because so much of this art (in fact almost all) is limited. That's one of the things that makes collecting prints special is you're usually getting something not everybody will have. The downside is that makes it tough to include much art in a Guide like this because by the time most of this cool stuff is put out it's already snapped up.

But I did find quite a few decent options that were still for sale as of the writing of this section. Lots of nerdy stuff, from Casablanca to Kill Bill to Stranger Things, Star Wars and Jaws.

Before we start I wanted to put a special link up here at the top... If you collect a lot of prints you find that frames are a bit of a pain in the ass. Well, there's a place called Spotlight Displays that was used quite a bit at MondoCon that I decided to look into and it seems pretty solid.

The thing that makes these frames cool is that they're front loaded, which means if you have a bunch of prints and not a lot of wall space or much of a budget for lots of frames you can just mount one and easily swap out prints without having to remove the frame itself from the wall. The edges pop open, the plexi slides out and you can slide the next print in.

They also do custom framing options and have sizes big enough for US one-sheets and even the super large Subway sized posters.

The frames run $42.95 - $74.95 for the usual print sizes like 16x20, 12x36, 18x24 and 24x36.

Anyway, that's an option, usually cheaper than Michaels especially when you consider the ability to only need one frame.

Let's head on to the actual Art, shall we? Again these categories are broken down by price (Cheap, Moderate, Expensive and For The Super Rich Only).


Cheap ($24.99 and under)

It may be small, but it's lenticular! And it's Rey with that good The Last Jedi hair! Not bad for under 15 bucks, right?


Artist Brandon Bird decided to do a mockup of his own Star Wars Spin-Off movie, this one an adaptation of Shadows of the Empire as it would have likely been cast in 1996. I spy Helen Hunt, Nic Cage and is that Edward Norton as Prince Xizor? This totally unlicensed print will be available until the lawyers call and measures 18x27 on glossy paper.

I have no idea how big or small this thing is, but I do know it's a great price for a Francesco Francavilla print. It's not Mondo, but it is limited to 1000 prints, commissioned for the Goonies' 30th Anniversary. There's still some left! And it's art that features a great big One-Eyed Willy on it, which I know you folks are especially after. Rich stuff, you guys! Rich stuff!



I'll ignore that straight up blasphemous “Bartholomew M. Quint, Capt” horseshit in the lower lefthand corner. Everybody knows that you can get away simply with Captain Quint if you don't know his first name (It's Sam, by the way. Trust me, I am expert). But the art itself is pretty good for a non-legit high quality poster place. Dig the angle and the fun postcard-like lettering. The price is right, that's for sure.


Moderate ($25.00-$70.99)


I love this idea for a print. It's the actual D&D Demogorgon, so it works perfectly as a unique kind of Stranger things print or just a cool geeky D&D thing to have around your house if you don't care about that Netflix show. Created by the great Jason Edmiston, this 6 color screenprint is handsigned and numbered, limited to only 120 24x18 pieces.


Hero Complex has an awesome Stranger Things print by artist Vance Kelly that has the dad-jokingly sweet run of 411 copies. I get it Vance Kelly. I get it. Seriously, though, this is a pretty sweet Season 1 Stranger Things poster. The gang's all there! Print measures the standard 24x36.




It's not all that common for Mondo to have any inventory in stock, but every year there's always a few that somehow don't sell out immediately. Like this one, their Black Cauldron poster from their hugely successful Disney show. The moody black and white poster was done by Randy Ortiz, is in a limited edition of 255 pieces and measures 24x36. Plus it's just awesome they did a Black Cauldron poster in the first place! It's one of the Disney titles you get the feeling the studio wants to forget ever happened, but also happens to be one of the first Disney animated movies I saw on the big screen, so I still have tons of nostalgia for it.


Oliver Barrett did a great job with this Beauty and the Beast poster. It's light, elegant and strikes the exact right tone. And it's another Mondo that's still buyable without having to fight tooth and nail to snag! Limited to 320 copies, measuring 24x36.



I get why this Mondo's still around. It's a lovely poster, don't get me wrong, but Phenomena isn't the most famous Argento movie. It's awesome, but the hardcore fans want something with the blood, guts and creepy crawlies and this one's way too elegant for their tastes. From artist Jessica Seamans, measuring 18x24, limited to 225.



Alright, Overwatch fans. If you want Halloween all year round Hero Complex has you covered with this sweet, screen-accurate Junkenstein giclee print. You have two size options, one cheaper and smaller, one bigger and more expensive. Both awesome. And both will remind you of your grind for that badass Junkenstein skin.

$45.00 for 16x24 & $75.00 for 24x36

There's also this Blizzard World poster that you can get in various sizes and editions, the most fancy of which is the big 24x36 version signed by by the Dev Team.

Smaller size $45.00, larger size $75.00, Autographed by the dev team $125.00


Here's a hell of a print that really captures Bojack Horeseman. The award and his younger self reflected in booze? Get outta here, that's almost too perfect. This print by Adam Burnier is a very limited edition (only 10 exist) and measures 14x20.


Now this is a beaut, isn't it? Kevin M. Wilson did a fantastic job with this My Neighbor Totoro poster done for Hero Complex Gallery's WonderCon release this year, but you can still pick up one up. Limited to 255 prints, measures 24x36.



Andrew DeGraff is known for these “Paths” prints, where he takes famous movie locations and traces various character's paths around it. Naturally his take on Jaws is of interest to me, one of the biggest Jaws nerds you'll ever likely meet. The red line on the map is the shark, by the way and on cursory glance they got it pretty right! This giclee print is small (only 8x10), but mighty! Limited to 100 signed and numbered pieces.


Ise Ananphada did this immaculately detailed print for Hero Complex Gallery of Pan's Labyrinth. Look at the line work and how many details from the movie are included without it feeling like a jumbled mess. Great stuff. Measures 24x36, limited to 425 pieces.


Craig Drake is one of the bigger names in the pop culture print business and is known for a very distinct style. You'll see a few examples of his work here, starting with this one, a great Boogie Nights piece with Heather Graham's Roller Girl front and center. Limited to 255 pieces, measuring 36x24.


Drake does Wonder Woman and does it very well. Limited edition screen print, 325 pieces, measures 24x36.



I can't help but notice that Drake's done a lot of prints of strong women. You can't get much stronger than Trinity. Carrie Anne Moss was a force to reckoned with in The Matrix and he did a great job capturing her stoic badassness in this print. Limited to 225 screen prints, measuring 36x24. You can feel good about buying this print as well because 100% of the benefits from its sale go to a benefit for a fellow artist fighting cancer.


Drake did a very popular O-ren Ishii a while back and, in my opinion, this one kicks that original's ass. Hero Complex was so sure about this one that they printed 500 of them (probably why you still have a chance to scoop one up). Measures the standard 24x36.



We'll wrap up our Craig Drake run with another Tarantino-inspired print: Pulp Fiction's “Vincent Mia.” This one's slimmer than most of his stuff, but that gives it an ultra-widescreen look that I dig. Measures 36x12, printed with metallic inks and limited to 325.


Robert Sammelin did this very nice True Romance piece for Hero Complex and luck you can still pick one up! Measures 24x36 and is limited to 100.



I mentioned in the Blu-Ray section that I'm an unabashed fan of La La Land. I know, I know, but I'm a sap for a melodramatic love story and an even bigger sucker for a catchy musical, so this one really worked for me. This poster by Stan & Vince really captures the energy of the film and the personality of the characters. The only thing that bugs me is the words below La La Land look like they say “Here's to the POOLS that dream.” But that's pretty funny so I'll let it slide.


Here's Alice Meichi Li's take on De Palma's Carrie. The fractured imagery suits the movie well. This 13x19 giclee is limited to only 19 pieces, so if you want it act quickly!



Ew, drippy Freddy! Vance Kelly's at it again, making awesome stuff. His Nightmare on Elm Street poster is pretty popping. Limited to 235 pieces, measuring 24x36.


What I dig about Tony Hodgkinson's RoboCop print is that he went for the similar airbrushed look that the original theatrical poster had. Reminds me a little of Jason Edmiston's painterly realistic approach to his art. This 16x20 giclee is limited to only 30 pieces.



The greatest thing about these prints is I get older and they stay the saaaaammmme age. Get you some early McConaughey (I spelled that right without having too look it up. Professional as shit, that's me!) here courtesy of another cool poster from Vance Kelly, this time for Richard Linklater's eternal Dazed and Confused. Printed with metallic inks to really make it pop you can get this 24x36 limited to 150 prints poster for a pretty reasonable price.



Barret Chapman has a rather nifty Leon poster you can pick up. Well-composed, makes me want to instantly watch the movie again so it's doing its job. 24X36, limited to 250 screen-printed posters.


The great JC Richards is sold out of a lot of really cool Star Wars, Disney and Jaws stuff, but you Power Rangers fans are in luck. You can still pick up one of his limited Power Rangers prints (only 30!). The screenprint measures 36x12.


Mike Mitchell's awesomely bizarre Mikeland prints sell out crazy fast (you should have seen his line at MondoCon). Lucky for us he makes a ton of them, so there's still a chance for you to pick up this little TV-headed dude. Measures 8x8 and is limited to 200.


The other little Mikeland dude is called Steve. He has an upside down skull for a head, but when you think about it don't we all? Don't we all? Little 8x8 print, limited to 250 pieces.


Expensive ($71.00-$249.99)

There's a lot of internet talk about this really badass Alien poster being proof that HR Giger stole the design because this painting was found at a Chinese Flea Market allegedly signed by Qi Baishi... an influential Chinese painter... who died in the '50s. I call horseshit. It's never been verified and it looks way too close to the movie version, not the Giger paintings that Ridley Scott based the look of his movie monster on. Still mixing Chinese watercolor technique with a Xenomorph is frickin' cool as hell and since this hasn't been proven to be anybody's art the internet is just printing it willy nilly. The best size I found was at a site called Flabslab. Their print measures 29.5x15.75 (aka you're gonna need a custom frame) and is limited to 100 copies.


PRE-ORDER, ships December 2017. This is much easier to verify. Yep, that's Darth Vader. Official! Art by Raymond Swanland, printed by Acme Archives, limited to 150 hand-numbered pieces that measure 21x10.5 inches.



Spaceballs holds a very special place in my heart, so of course I'm going to include Adam Hoppus' “Surrounded” work he did for Gallery1988. Only 10 of these were printed, measuring 13x19. Keep firing, assholes!


Alex Ross is one of the most respected (and expensive) pop culture artists working today. His comic work, especially his DC/Justice League stuff, is instantly iconic and it's tough even getting prints of his that don't require a second mortgage. Luckily Sideshow has this Terminator piece he did... in fact, it was his very first professional work. Limited to only 225 18x24 pieces, there's only a few left in stock at Sideshow. Each print is hand-signed by Ross, so this is a no-brainer if you dig Terminator and like badass art.



I can't believe this is available. Laurent Durieux is one of the most collectible pop culture poster artists out there and this Casablanca poster is flat out gorgeous. Maybe because it doesn't feature Humphrey Bogart? That's dumb, Ilsa and Sam rule. Whatever the dumb reason, take advantage of that shit before the masses catch wind that they fucked up.


For The Super Rich Only ($250.00 and up)


I'm not sure what's going on with the melty gold flowers flowing down Mr. T's chest there, but I'm sure he'll pity me for being so clueless. C'est la vie. Bennett Slater painted this piece of one of the most recognizable '80s icons with oils on wood. It comes framed, measuring 16x20.



I like throwing in some crazy original paintings at the end of the Art section every year and that's not changing now. Here we have a nifty Kubrick piece done for Gallery1988 by Augie Pagan. This acrylics on canvas piece measures 20x20 and has my main man all red in the center with The Shining and 2001 images taking up the corners.


Some day I will own an original Edmiston. His style is so my shit. I love that painterly realism thing he does. He's not afraid of warm colors and doesn't try to go minimalistic. That dude's the real deal. One of the pieces of his I'd be tempted by is the above Friday the 13th Part 2 because it's awesome he did Baghead Jason and this is the art he provided as packaging art for a Neca's toy release to boot! How cool. I'll need a crazy windfall before I can start dropping this kind of money, but some day. Some day. Accomplished with acrylics on heavy paper and measuring 13x12.5 this can be yours if you got some deep pockets.