Welcome to the 2017 Holiday Gift Guide! For those returning, thank you for checking out the new home for the Gift Guide and for those new to the Guide let me run a few things down for you.

First and foremost you're in for a whole lotta geekery, so prepare yourselves. You won't find everything available for purchase or pre-order this Holiday Season, but you'll find a good chunk of it. The goal every year is to be comprehensive, but through my own personal filter. That means everything in the Guide appeals to me in some way or, if it's not my thing, I think it's cool enough to include.

That means you'll see a lot of my taste pop up throughout the Guide. After reading this you won't be surprised to learn that I'm a big fan of Star Wars, Steven Spielberg (especially Jaws), horror movies, vintage Hollywood or Disney Parks, for instance.

There should be something for everybody in this Guide, though, as long as you're some kind of geeky, which we all pretty much are in this day and age, right?

The Guide will be split up into segments like DVDs/Blus, Books, Art, Collectibles/Toys, Music, Gaming, Apparel and Geeky Housewares and each of those segments will be broken down into price ranges: Cheap ($24.99 and under), Moderate ($25.00-$70.99), Expensive ($71.00-$249.99) and For The Super Rich Only ($250.00 and up).

So, sit back, prepare your wallets and dive in. The first section up is a pretty, pretty thorough DVD/Blu-Ray/4k UHD section. You'll notice a little focus on 4k since the Xbox One X's release means a whole lot more 4k Blu-Ray players are in people's homes now... and I also just happened to have upgraded my TV just in time and have fallen in love with it.

One note: prices fluctuate on an almost minute by minute basis, especially this close to Black Friday, so be aware of that. Every effort has been made to be as close to the mark as possible, but there may be some small price differences.